Schedule of Events

Below is our current schedule of events for this year's Gathering. The seminar is open to students of all levels and backgrounds.

What to Bring

We recommend that participants bring a notebook and pen, a water bottle, 1 pair of rattan Escrima sticks, a training dagger, mat shoes, knee pads, bag gloves, a mouthguard, and safety goggles.

The lunch break will be 1.5 hours, and there are many restaurants within short driving distance of the venue. We will also provide maps to the area for those who are not familiar with West Allis.

2014 Milwaukee Gathering
Sunday, October 26th
10 am - 5:30pm
Cost: $65
Pre-Registration Deadline: October 10th, 2014

Join us for the 8th Annual Milwaukee Gathering. This year those who Register by October 10th, will get a free T-shirt and an Impact Kerambit self-defense tool included in the cost of the seminar.

There will be a few extra T-shirts available for those who register the day of the event, at a cost of $20/shirt, first come first serve.

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